Five Tracks

The UN's New Urban Agenda specifically addresses the theme of Managing Change in the Shared Vision section. It might be useful for submissions to draw on that (and other) theme(s) giving presenters the opportunity to discuss the way that different countries, with their different cultural heritages and political orientations are approaching change.

Erik Riikoja

1. Climate Change, Energy and Resiliency

This track explores impacts of climate change, global warming, disaster planning and management, alternative energy, environmental and nature preservation, natural resource consumption and protection, and community resiliency. Related topics and papers are welcome.

2. Public Health, Mobility and Food Access

This track focuses on promoting healthy communities through our built environments, transportation and mobility choices, food security and access, safety and related topics.

Siiri Kumari

Sven Zacek

3. Sustainable Development, Social Cohesion and Environmental Protection

This track focuses on sustainability, economic development and redevelopment, housing policy, immigration and integration, social networking, historic and cultural preservation to focus on the relationships between sustainable development and social justice

4. Smart Growth, Technology (e-Governance) and Automation

This track focuses on smart cities, smart technologies, the opportunities and challenges with automation (autonomous vehicles, drones, robots etc), and the increasing use of e-governance in community involvement and planning. Submissions are also encouraged to explore the challenges and opportunities of urbanism and collaborative consumption for environmental planning and ethical challenges related to practice and research in these areas.

Siim Lõvi

Renee Altrov

5. Innovation in Planning Methods, Tools and Techniques

This track focuses on innovation in methods, geospatial analyses, simulation modeling, machine learning, and the use of big data in understanding and managing change. Innovations in the wider realm of planning law (statutory instruments) are also encouraged.